Lite Edition

ICOM 7300 Memory Manager - Lite Edition is the FREE Windows application that will help you enter, manage, and organize the memory channels in your ICOM 7300 transceiver. 

NewSupport for the Icom IC-7610 is now included in the Lite edition.

ICOM 7300 Memory Manager is an application for managing the memories of an ICOM 7300 HF radio transceiver using a Windows PC. It allows the user to read and save memory channels directly to the radio, or to save the memories to a disk file for future editing or as a backup.  If you like you can have different sets of memory channels saved to disk files, which can be quickly loaded into the radio for different circumstances.

Here is a picture of the application's main screen.

Image of the main screen

Some of the features include:

  • Intuitive editing grid for entering, modifying, and deleting memories
  • Read and write memory channels directly to/from an ICOM 7300 or 7610
  • Save and load memory channels to/from disk
  • Disk files are in a comma delimited format so they can be edited in other applications (ex: Excel)
  • Rearrange memory channels using cut/paste and drag/drop
  • New Sort memory channels on any column
  • New Search memory channels for a given value
  • Customization of the grid column layout
  • Set the radio's clock every time ICOM 7300 Memory Manager starts
  • User's manual included

The radio settings dialog allows you to set the most commonly used COM port settings for communication with your radio.  For many users these are the only parameters you will need to set to be able to communicate with your radio.

Basic radio settings dialog box

In some situations you might need more control over your COM port settings. The advanced dialog box should give you all the settings you need.

Advanced COM port settings dialog

The program also has an options dialog that let's you save and reset the grid column layout, as well as have the program automatically set the radio's clock from the computer every time the program is run.

Program options dialog

Important Note

It has come to my attention that other web sites are hosting copies of this software. I always recommend downloading software directly from the original publisher (this site).  In order to ensure you are using an unmodified copy of this software I am posting a checksum of the most recent version.  This will permit you to confirm that your copy of the software is unmodified from the original posted here

To confirm the checksum you can use the Windows certutil command in either Windows CMD or PowerShell like this:

certUtil -hashfile <PATH_TO_FILE> SHA256
where PATH_TO_FILE is the path to ICOM7300MemoryManager.msi

The SHA256 checksum for ICOM7300MemoryManager.msi is b4595e95a8dd08d583335be28b692ce3ac8bfd4c067aa92073012e8642bb928b

Download ICOM 7300 Memory Manager - Lite

The most recent release of ICOM 7300 Memory Manager - Lite is version 1.0.2139.0 which was released on Nov. 8, 2023. This release fixes a bug where the UTC offset wasn't being set when settign the radio clock on startup.

You can download ICOM 7300 Memory Manager - Lite here.

Online Virus Scanner

I have submitted this application to an online virus scanner and will continue to do so for each new release. You can view the results of this scan using the link below. scan results for ICOM 7300 Memory Manager - Lite version.

I hope you enjoy using ICOM 7300 Memory Manager. I'm providing this application FREE of charge, however if you require more advanced features or find it useful and would like to support my efforts, please consider purchasing the Professional Edition.