Set 7300 Clock

Set 7300 clock is a utility application to set the internal clock in your ICOM 7300 transceiver using the time from your PC.

Set 7300 Clock image

There are two versions of this application, a PowerShell script and a C# command line program.

Source code is provided for both versions

PowerShell Script

The PowerShell script is simple to use, and being a script the source is there for modification, to serve as an example, or as the basis for further development. This script is for people who either have already enabled PowerShell or don't mind enabling it to be able to run this script. PowerShell is a very powerful tool, but there are security implications to enabling PowerShell script execution, so do your homework before you enable PowerShell script execution. There are lots of references on the Web regarding how to enable script execution and the potential security risks.

Using the script in its' most basic form is simple:

Set-7300Clock comport baudrate

This will set the clock of an Icom 7300 connected to the computer on the specified comport communicating at the specified baud rate.

There is help and some minimal documentation built into the script. I may add more detailed documentation as time permits.

Command Line Program

This application is for those people who either do not want to enable PowerShell script execution or who prefer a compiled Windows application. This application was written using C#. You use it the same way as the PowerShell version. The command line is:

set-7300clock comport baudrate

I am providing the C# source code in case anybody is interested.

Release History

  • 05/05/2020 - Added command line switch to set the radio to UTC rather than local time
  • 04/23/2020 - I just discovered a fairly serious bug in my error checking code.  Please make sure you are using a version of the program created on or after 4/23/2020.  I also plan to add a version number to help track which version of the application is being used.
  • 04/18/2020 - Updated both versions of the application to include error checking after setting the date and time.  This should handle COM port errors a bit better and also confirm that the date and time were actually set.
  • 07/14/2019 - Initial release