ICOM 7300 Memory Manager

ICOM 7300 Memory Manager is a Windows application that will help you enter, manage, and organize the memory channels in your ICOM 7300 transceiver.

ICOM 7300 Memory Manager is the software application that makes it a snap to edit the memory channels on your ICOM 7300.


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This software comes in two versions, the Free Lite Edition and the Professional Edition.

Free Lite Edition

Full memory channel editing in a simple, easy to use, intuitive grid layout
  • New Support for the IC-7610 is now included in the Lite edition
  • Intuitive editing grid for entering, modifying, and deleting memories
  • Read and write memory channels directly to/from an ICOM 7300
  • Save and load memory channels to/from disk
  • Disk files are in a comma delimited format so they can be edited in other applications (ex: Excel)
  • Rearrange memory channels using cut/paste and drag/drop
  • New Sort memory channels
  • New Search memory channels
  • Customization of the grid column layout
  • Set the radio's clock every time ICOM 7300 Memory Manager starts.
  • User's manual included
  • Configurable grid font size

Professional Edition

All the features from the Lite edition, plus a whole lot more.
  • 14 day fully functional free trial. Try before you buy
  • New Support for the IC-7610 is now included in the Professional edition
  • Open multiple simultaneous memory channel windows
  • Tabbed multiple document interface for easy arrangement of editing windows
  • Toolbar for quick access to the most commonly used functions
  • Drag/drop or cut/paste memory channels between windows
  • New Sort memory channels on multiple columns
  • New Search memory channels using regular expressions
  • Radio options dialog provides easy access to many radio menu functions including:
    • Sign on message
    • Screen display settings
    • Screen saver timeout
    • Beep tone settings
    • Waterfall and spectrum scope settings
    • Audio scope settings
    • Speech settings
    • CW and RTTY settings
    • Tone and filter settings
    • Customize front panel and mic buttons (Firmware v1.4 only)
  • Save and load radio options dialog settings
  • Edit, save, and load radio keyer memories
  • Edit, save, and load radio fixed edges (Updated for firmware v1.4)
  • Edit, save, and load radio band edges
  • Print memory channels, keyer memories, band edges, and fixed edges
  • Open memory files by drag/drop from Windows Explorer
  • Automatic update notification when new versions become available
  • User configurable row color settings including alternating row colors
  • User configurable grid font

For a "side by side" comparison of the two versions see our FAQ page