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Articles about radio, programming, and creating web sites

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Automated Blog File Build

Create a utility application to build an article file used by the simple blog page

File Signature Checker

Build a utility application to compare a list of file signatures with the contents of a folder

Clean Up User Settings

How to use an InstallerClass to locate and remove user settings when uninstalling an application

Shared Project Embedded Bitmaps

How to load bitmap images from embedded resources in a shared Visual Studio C# project

MMSSTV Engine in C#

How to use the MMSSTV Engine to develop a C# SSTV application

Anatomy of a Redirect Attack

Details on a redirect attack to this Web site

Some Simple Raspberry Pi Projects

Some projects that I have implemented using a Raspberry Pi single board computer

Visual Basic CI-V Example

A Visual Basic get frequency example program. This code snippet is the same example from the CI-V programming tutorial article but has been converted from C# to Visual Basic

Creating a Scrolling Marquee Label Control

How to create a scrolling marquee user control in C# using Visual Studio

CI-V Programming Tutorial

A short tutorial on CI-V programming using C#

How to Use Digital Signatures in C#

Using digital signatures to build a simple licensing solution

Java Class for Monitoring File Changes

Java class to monitor a file for changes and notify a listener

CI-V Scout - A Quick Tutorial

How to use CI-V Scout to build a "set operating frequency" command and send it to a CI-V capable radio

Simple Blog Page

How to create a simple blog web page

Simple Sitemap Generator

How to automatically generate a site map using a T4 text template