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Articles about radio, programming, and creating web sites

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Shared Project Embedded Bitmaps

How to load bitmap images from embedded resources in a shared Visual Studio C# project

MMSSTV Engine in C#

How to use the MMSSTV Engine to develop a C# SSTV application

Anatomy of a Redirect Attack

Details on a redirect attack to this Web site

Some Simple Raspberry Pi Projects

Some projects that I have implemented using a Raspberry Pi single board computer

Visual Basic CI-V Example

A Visual Basic get frequency example program. This code snippet is the same example from the CI-V programming tutorial article but has been converted from C# to Visual Basic

Creating a Scrolling Marquee Label Control

How to create a scrolling marquee user control in C# using Visual Studio

CI-V Programming Tutorial

A short tutorial on CI-V programming using C#

How to Use Digital Signatures in C#

Using digital signatures to build a simple licensing solution

Java Class for Monitoring File Changes

Java class to monitor a file for changes and notify a listener

CI-V Scout - A Quick Tutorial

How to use CI-V Scout to build a "set operating frequency" command and send it to a CI-V capable radio

Simple Blog Page

How to create a simple blog web page

Simple Sitemap Generator

How to automatically generate a site map using a T4 text template